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Norfolk Island travel tips from travellers

If you’ve been thinking about travelling to Norfolk Island, then here are great tips from the horse’s mouth (no offence Alan and Julie!).

The best way to find out about a place is to hear from people who have really been there, so we’re pleased to share this local info from Alan and Julie, who returned in August 2021 from their Australia & New Zealand Travel Company trip to Norfolk Island.

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When to visit Cairns & Port Douglas

Do you want to know the best time to visit Cairns and Port Douglas?

The quick answer is you have two seasons to choose from – wet and dry. But there’s a bit more to it than that, because each of the seasons has its benefits for travellers.

Here’s a guide on the best times to visit Cairns and Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, based on weather, climate, local events and popular holiday times.

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Celebrating Christmas Island

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It’s all about nature on Christmas Island, from the breathtaking wildlife viewing and sensational bird spotting to stunning dive adventures. It’s no wonder the island has been called ‘the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’.

Even with all the remarkable natural wonders to be enjoyed, this island is still a mystery to many travellers. Probably because of its remote location, being 2600 kilometres north west of Perth and south of Java, Indonesia. So we’ve put together some travel tips that are bound to move Christmas Island up your must-visit list!

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What’s the buzz about Byron Bay?

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Move over Bondi, Bells Beach and Surfers Paradise, these days Byron Bay is being hailed as Australia’s most famous beach!

This could be because the secret is out with backpackers, or maybe because Hollywood celebs and Aussie A-listers can be spotted around town. But what is drawing so many people to this surf village on the New South Wales North Coast?

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