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Celebrating Christmas Island

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It’s all about nature on Christmas Island, from the breathtaking wildlife viewing and sensational bird spotting to stunning dive adventures. It’s no wonder the island has been called ‘the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’.

Even with all the remarkable natural wonders to be enjoyed, this island is still a mystery to many travellers. Probably because of its remote location, being 2600 kilometres north west of Perth and south of Java, Indonesia. So we’ve put together some travel tips that are bound to move Christmas Island up your must-visit list!

Christmas Island
The famous crab migration is a site to behold!

Annual crab migration

From late October to November, expect to see millions of red land crabs making their way from the forests to the coast. It’s such a unique and incredible sight. Sir David Attenborough even described this event as one of the greatest natural wonders on the planet.

The good news, if you can’t visit at this time, is that year-round you are still likely to see thousands of crabs around the bush. The island is also home to the robber crab, or coconut crab, which is the world’s largest land crap and believed to live for up to 100 years.

Christmas Island
Plenty of places to swim, like beautiful Lily Beach.

Underwater adventures

There are more than 60 dive sites surrounding the island and fantastic coral reef snorkelling opportunities.

The clear waters are always warm and free of the poisonous jellyfish that normally prevent swimming during summer or the wet season in Australia’s tropical north.

Located on the edge of the Java Trench, the island is famous for having some of the longest drop-offs in the world and some are the walls are only 20 metres from the shore. 575 species of tropical fish have been seen in the area and from November to May is when dive trips often spot the incredible whale sharks.

Christmas Island
The island is covered in thick tropical rainforest.

Go bush

With the majority of the island covered in lush rainforest and nearly two-thirds being a national park, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the wilderness.

4WD tracks and walking trails lead through forests to stunning waterfalls, freshwater streams and beautiful beaches. Waves spurt through the Blowholes, black rock pinnacles follow the shoreline, natural rock pools to float in and clifftop lookouts give you a breathtaking view of the island.

Christmas Island
Masses of birds can be seen on Christmas Island, including these bold frigatebirds.

Bird watching paradise

The birdlife is astounding – from abundant sea birds to some of the world’s rarest species. You can watch them circling high over the shoreline cliffs or nesting, where they have very little fear of humans.

Make sure you download the free Birds of Christmas Island app from iTunes before you arrive. Then keep an eye out for frigatebirds and golden bosuns, with their striking yellow plumage and long tails. There are also red-footed and brown boobies, plus the rare Abbott’s booby.

If you’re keen to experience the wonders of Christmas Island, we can design a holiday specially for you!

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