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Test your Aussie travel knowledge

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How well do you really know the Land Down Under?

The great southern continent has many hidden secrets, quirky facts and remarkable places. So are you ready to test your Australian travel knowledge with our quiz?

1. What is the largest living structure on earth?

If we told you it was situated off the northeastern coast of Australia, stretches for 2300 kms over an area of approximately 347,800 square kilometres, does that give you a clue?

You can scroll to the bottom to find the quiz answers.

2. Where can you feed fish on Ned’s Beach?

It’s the same place that’s home to an endangered flightless bird, has an amazing trail that winds its way high up Mount Gower and is famous for amazing dive sites!

3. Which is the largest National Park in Australia?

This enormous, biodiverse nature reserve is home to around 2,000 plant species, amazing wildlife, from saltwater crocodiles and flatback turtles to birds and remarkable Aboriginal rock paintings that date back to prehistoric times.

Stumped? You’ll find the answers at the bottom of the page!

4. Where is the opal capital of the world?

95% of the world’s opals come from Australia and the majority of the precious stones come from the opal fields of this South Australian town.

Little blue penguins Australia

5. Phillip Island is famous for what?

Actually it’s not so much what the island is famous for, but the its famous little residents. This Victorian island is about 1.5 hours from Melbourne and it’s where you can see a remarkable natural occurrence every night. Click here if you’re curious.

6. Where can you ride a camel on the beach?

Cable Beach is a stunning 22 km stretch of white sand beach on the eastern Indian Ocean and it’s also where you can enjoy an amazing camel ride at sunset. Do you know in which popular holiday town you’ll find this spectacular beach?

7. Which is the second driest capital city in Australia?

Although this capital city can be found in one of the wettest states in Australia, surprising it’s the second driest capital behind Adelaide. This city receives an average rainfall of 614mm of rain every year. And if you want to compare, Brisbane gets 1021mm per year!

Ready to check the answers? You’ll find them at the bottom of the page!

ACT Australia

Parliament House, Canberra – opened in May 1988

FYI Australia’s Parliament House took seven years to construct and involved 10,000 people!

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Quiz Answers: 1. Great Barrier Reef, QLD – 2. Lord Howe Island, NSW – 3. Kakadu National Park, NT – 4. Coober Pedy, SA – 5. Penguin Parade, VIC – 6. Cable Beach, WA – 7. Hobart, TAS.

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